Website Design & Development Services

Thinkfast Creative specializes in website design and development. From a single page, informational brochure type website all the way to complex web based applications. We do it all...
  • Professional and Affordable Website Design
  • Functional Websites(custom forms, sign-ups, calendars, data collection)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) - make updates to your website yourself
  • Web Application Development / Webservice Creation and Integration
  • Extremely Affordable Full-Service Hosting Available
  • Complete e-Commerce Setup (GoogleCheckout, PayPal, or integration of your current merchant service)
  • Custom-built and Open-Source Shopping Systems (ZenCart, Joomla, etc)
Here is a sampling of a few of the websites we've developed over the years...
Custom built property management tool. Customer is able to add/edit rental properties via an AJAX admin area. Ability to add any number of property attributes needed. Uses Coldfusion, MSSQL, AJAX.
Custom built CMS system allowing customer to make site updates at will. Also uses a custom built calendaring systems used to display upcoming events. Admin area allows the creation of events as well as the ability to send out custom email newsletters to the address collected from the website. Uses Coldfusion, MSSQL, AJAX.
Site has a complete admin area for updating website content, e-commerce store, custom email newsletter campaign management system, member info update ability via CSV, integration with Google maps, custom built calendar/event system. Also has a site search AJAX function used for a quick search ability for downtown Boise stores, resaurants.
Thinkfast Technology
Adobe Coldfusion PostgreSQL Open Source Database Microsoft SQL Server Database Microsoft Access Database MySQL Open Source Database XML - Extensible Markup Language XML - Extensible Markup Language PHP Open Source Scripting Language Ubuntu Server Linux Distribution Adobe Flash Asyncronous Javascript and XML Wordpress Publishing Platform Linux - free Unix-type operating system Microsoft Windows Server Microsoft Visual Basic JQuery JavaScripting Library ZenCart - open source e-commerce Google Checkout - online merchant processing solution PayPal - online payment systems